Özel Arama

02 Şubat 2009


30 years of experience and 6 generations of instruments (M210, M211, UF 320P, UF 321T, and now DigiSonic and Minisonic) permit us to offer the best of the technology and moreover the most pertinent information linked to your measurements works.

To justify a measurement means being able to criticize it even on a pipe with one inaccessible pipewall.
To this end, our instruments are composed of (in accordance with our specification sheet)
- an internal or external thickness measurement
- a dynamic analyser of the " echo " signals, indeed a numeric oscilloscope function (Digisonic) because every pipe can disclose surprises
- an optimization function of time measurement, metrological advantage in comparison to correlation or phase difference measurement
- an access to physical measurements, like the " delta T ", the speed of sound, the signal level and their quality indexes.

The carrying out of a measurement must be as simple with :
- a choice of adapted and high performance probes, including their supports
- simple and complete intuitive menus in your own language
- a readable, numeric and graphic display
- simple possibilities of data logging and export to the PC and printing possibilities.
- an important battery life and a fast charge of the battery
- a robustness for field survey work

Our applications have few limits and constantly improve themselves, accepting from ultrapure liquids to the one relatively charged or viscous and of pipes from 8mm to 5000mm.

As an example :

- The metrological checking of existing meters and flowmeters according to the accuracy required. Our instruments can meet all ISO 9000 requirements, therefore being checked and certified

- The supervision of indusrial, chemical and petrochemical process…no matter the aggression or pressure of the fluid. For the measurement in Ex area (hazardous), thank you for consulting us.

- The balancing of heating or air-conditioning network, with the possibility of calculating the calorific power with the " temperature measurement " option

- The measurement on hydraulic circuit with, associated to pressure measurement, the capacity to measure a power energy

- The analysis of dense network in drinking water distribution

- The detection of leaks in networks (Vivendi)

- The flow supervision in situ of pipes before and after repairing (Salmson pumps, Sulzer)

- The measurements with a risk of radioactive contamination (Cogema, SGN...)