Özel Arama

11 Temmuz 2008

en güzel gezi yatları LUXURY YACHT

Foster + Partners - Yachtplus (Copyright Foster +Partners)

Platinum, the world’s largest yacht, here in Dubai

For the city-country Monaco Foster + Partners has designed a yacht club that features a nautical iconography, to be more precise – that of a luxury yacht. The stepped decks, aerodynamic perimeter, fully glazed facades, and – off course – flags on the back.The building is mainly used as a stage, simultaneously for yacht-races at the seaside and the famous F1 Grand-Prix at the roadside. The decks are further programmed from the lower level upwards with shops, a rowing club and sailing school, then a clubroom, bar and restaurant, further up a ballroom, and to finish an apartment for the club secretary together with a series of cabins for visiting guests.The iconography and function of the building is similar to the stacked-decks-pavilion that David Chipperfield designed for the America Cup, in the city of Valencia.